How we fit together

With unity at the core of our values, the Slev Group brands collaborate to deliver creative earthworks, infrastructure, agriculture, property and community solutions.

Offers machinery hire as well as civil engineering and infrastructure services.

Client Centric

We believe in a client-centric, collaborative approach and our clients trust us to complete projects on time and within budget.


We pride ourselves on our expertise, superior workmanship and excellent work ethic.


A building & development company with a long history of successful building projects including Grid construction and Double B projects.

Experience and Quality

With over a decade of experience in the building industry, we aim to deliver professional service and exceptional results (using only the best quality materials).

Long-term Relationships

Based on strong work ethic and, an honest approach, we believe in creating safe working environments and long-term rewarding relationships with our clients and staff.


Fortrest is an aggressive property portfolio of both commercial & residential acquisitions.

Complete Solution

Fortrests’ ultimate role will be to provide end-to-end property development solution by facilitating plug-in for the earthworks and construction arms of the group


A comprehensive solution creates space to drive down costs while providing high end results without quality compromise.

Winchmore is the agricultural arm that underpins the group and encompasses
flourishing crops of  sugarcane and macadamia farming as well as agricultural services.


Our farms are situated in the best growing conditions in the world for macadamia nuts and operate with generations of sugarcane farming know-how and practice.


Our teams wealth of farming skills, experience and knowledge extends to general services such as infrastructure, irrigation and back office systems.


A non-profit initiative that empowers previously disadvantaged, emerging fitness entrepreneurs with a ‘gym in a box’.

“Gym in a box”

VuvuFit not only aims to empower an entrepreneur with a profitable business but through the fitness lifestyle it models, it creates a natural knock-on impact on the community at large, building fitter, stronger and healthier communities.


Getting fit & having the accountability of a group helps get people out of the struggle and build a better future for themselves and those around them- restoring hope.


Another non-profit intiative designed to uplift and empower communities by building diverse, profitable and excellent businesses through key projects and partnerships.

Creating Opportunities

Through the building of profitable business, opportunities emerge to work and earn income while learning a trade and becoming qualified in a working industry.

Developing Leaders

Overwhelmingly our youth are faced with huge challenges today and our aim is to give them the knowledge and tools they need to make the right decisions to lead a successful, thriving life.


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